Solve your Lighting Design Issues with Jovin!

At Jovin we strive to help every customer conquer their lighting design obstacles. We work with each of our customers to come up with lighting solutions that are affordable and custom made to your specifications. After consulting with one of our lighting experts you will be on your way to securing a unique look for your construction or remodeling project.

We offer a selection of hundreds of different fabrics for lampshades as well as a wide variety of braids and trimmings. As for lamp styles we have available cast metal and resin designs in a variety of finishes. Part of our amazing services includes lamp assembly, and lampshade design. We also provide replacement lampshades, and light consulting.

As a family owned business we provide excellent customer service and ensure that you will at all times communicate with a real lighting expert. Visit our site to learn more about our company, policies, FAQ's, and check out which establishments have installed our lighting designs!

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