4 Tips for Keeping Your Business Running During Renovation Work

If you're going through a business renovation, you're going to be concerned about saving money whenever possible. Using the least expensive contractors and buying wholesale lampshades can be helpful, but these savings are not quite enough to counter the crippling deficits that some businesses experience during major renovation projects because of lost hours. If your business is in the process of remodeling, you may not be able to open up every day, costing your business customers and revenue. If you want to try to have your business open as much as possible during your renovation project, follow these tips.

Let your employees (and customers) prepare

When most business owners prepare for renovations, they spend more time readying their physical location than their employees. Making sure that the contractors have a clean and uncluttered place to work in is important, but making sure that your employees are ready is equally vital. If you give them advanced notice, they may be able to prepare alternate ways to get their work done during construction. Also, let your customers know about the upcoming work, in case you may have to close. As long as everybody has time to prepare, customers will be less resentful and employees will be more effective.

Set good construction hours

Most contractors will only work on the traditional 9-5 schedule, but if you want to maximize your business's operation hours during the renovation, find a contractor that can work at odd times. Many contractors will charge a little more to work nights, early mornings, and weekends, but that extra cost will be more than worth it when your business is able to stay open.

Plan the construction in stages

The easiest way to stay open during construction work is to plan the work in stages. If this is done, you won't have to worry about your entire building being out of commission. See if you can spend a few weeks on the most essential areas that need to be worked on, and then set aside time for the less crucial ones.

Make work and construction zones

When you're at work, there's nothing more troublesome than having to maneuver around someone else, so you should make sure that both your employees and the construction workers are able to do their jobs with little interference.

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