Measurement Guide

How to Properly Measure a Lampshade


To order replacement lampshades, the following dimensions are necessary:

  1. The diameter of the top of the lamp shade
  2. The diameter of the bottom of the lamp shade
  3. The length of the side of the lamp shade

There are primarily two types of lamp shades:

1. Hardback lampshades are either plastic/styrene backed or paper backed lampshades with fabric being laminated to the exterior of the lampshade. Hardback lampshades are generally less expensive, and used more for hotel and motel applications. Hardback lampshades are used as replacement lampshades that are to be modest in price. The life expectancy of hardback lampshades are generally ten to fifteen years. Cleaning of a hardback lampshade is easy. Using just a duster or a vacuum is usually all that is needed.

2. Softback lampshades are fabric lined and consist of a full steel frame. These fabric lampshades involve not only the use of adhesives but some machine and hand sewing will go into the process of making softback lampshades. Softback lampshades are a bit more in price. These lampshades are used by better lighting companies to finish off their most desirable lamps as well as finer hotels. The life expectancy of softback lampshades is generally twenty or more years. Like the hardback lampshade, cleaning of a softback lampshade is easy. Using just a duster or a vacuum is usually all that is needed.

*Please provide the actual lampshade or a photo with its dimensions indicated in order for us to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Square Lampshade


Round Lampshade


Oval Lampshade


Rectangular Lampshade