The Right Fabric for your Lampshades

Choosing to use lamps with fabric shades work best in more lived in rooms such as family rooms and bedrooms. Fabric lampshades bring a soft and calming feel to rooms as well as potentially bringing some versatility to the room by using different materials and colors.

Silk is the most traditional fabric used on lampshades. Silk is a more formal type of fabric that works best in rooms with a more formal feel. Other common lampshade fabrics include leather and linen. Linen shades are usually used in more casual decorated rooms, while leather is a more masculine and modern fabric that would better be used in an office or den.

Synthetic fabrics come in a variety of different looking materials. These fabric are designed to look like natural fabrics such as silk, leather, and linen therefore are less expensive. Synthetic fabrics also tend to last longer because they are less prone to wear and tear.

You should choose a medium-weight fabric for your lampshades that are also flame resistant. Remember that each type of fabric lampshade gives the lamp a different look that should complement the theme you’ve set in the room.

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