Make Sure to Dust Your Lampshades

Lampshades can add character to a room or accent a particular design of the room, but just like everything else, lampshades get dusty. When cleaning a room, you'll dust surfaces and picture frames but sometimes overlook a dusty lampshade. Not only will dust flare up allergies, but dust dulls the look of a shade and reduces the amount of light the lamp will give. So the best way to lighten up your room is to dust your lampshades.
It may even be hard to dust because shades are made of delicate parchment paper or fabric. Instead of not dusting at all, follow these tips to keep your lampshades clean.

First brush the outside of the lampshade with a bristled brush. Use a downward stroke, turning the lampshade as you go. Next you can vacuum the outside of the shade. Work from top to bottom. Finally you wipe down the inside of the shade with a damp cloth. Be cautious of the inside of the shade especially with water because spots may show through the lamp when it's lit.

If you want to clean a fabric lampshade fill a bucket with warm, soapy water then dip the shade into the water and wash it with your hands. Scrub out stains or dirty areas with a bristle brush. You can then rinse the shade in clean water with your hands. Finally, wipe the shade down with a soft cloth to remove the excess water and hang the shade so it can dry.

Having beautiful lampshades is one thing, but keep them dust free if you want to make sure they last a long time and keep your room looking great.

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