Lampshades: The Unsung Decorating Hero

When decorating a room in your house, it’s the little things that really add something special to it. Interior decorating is something fun that allows you to showcase your creative side and can make your house finally feel like a home. There are many things you can use to help decorate your remodeled room; however, there is one thing in particular that most people would never think to do anything with – lampshades. Lampshades come in many different shapes and styles and can be crafted to match the theme of your room.

There are numerous different styles of lampshades to choose from when trying to pick which one would fit your room the best. Some of these styles are basic empire, bells, basic coolie, oval top with oval maltese bottoms, cut corner rectangles, square top with fancy square bottom, hardback lampshades, round top with down scallop bottom and custom designed lampshades. When picking out a lampshade for your room, you must take into account the overall feel of your room. If you have an old Victorian theme you might want to check out the round top with down scallop bottom style of lampshade. However, if you have a more modern, relaxed style of room, you may want to consider going for the bells or basic coolie style lampshades.

Another route to go when trying to spruce up your room with lamps and lampshades is to decorate your lampshade yourself. Buy a plain white lampshade and put your own fabric on it or, depending on the style of room you have, let out your eccentric side by decorating it with beads or other crafty items you may have. The next time you are trying to think of what you could do to add a little something extra to your room, consider these types of lampshades. There is so much you can do with them and they will most certainly be that item you are looking for to complete your room.

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