Lampshades Enhance your Living Space

Lamps are an integral part of your home décor and can be one of the most noticeable accessories in a room. They also provide aesthetic functionality to every space, so it is essential that you select lampshades that are appropriate for the specific style that you have chosen.

In keeping with the defined lines and simplistic styling of a modern or contemporary décor, square and rectangular shades are two of the most popular designs available. Cut corners at the base of the shade enhance the style. Round lampshades with fancy dangling beads or gently scalloped bottom edges will complement a casual, traditional, country or cottage décor. Candlestick lamps can be incorporated into a variety of styles and are versatile enough to support any shape of lampshade.

Maintaining balance is important when choosing a lampshade and you'll want to be sure that the piece doesn't make the lamp appear too top heavy; to accomplish this, the shade should be approximately 2/3 the height of the base. It's also important that there be enough space under the shade for you to easily reach the control switch. Table lamps and floor lamps that are used for task lighting require shades that allow the light to be directed to a specific area.

Whether you are trying to improve a space or simply match your new furnishings, carefully-appointed lampshades will make the difference. In fact, if you have a room with tired décor, one of the easiest ways to give it a quick facelift is by adding new lamps with attractive shades. The color, shape, and design elements of both the lamp and its cover can be used to bring out the natural light of a room, enhance its lines, or convey a sense of elegance or style.

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