How Indoor Light Affects Us

Did you know that the quality of light in a room can affect our mood, concentration, and energy levels? It may be no surprise the light from the sun can put us in a good mood by increasing our serotonin levels, but you probably didn’t think indoor lighting had just as prominent effect on us. Most people may shop for indoor lighting simply based on the attractiveness of the lampshade, but like moths to a flame, people are also drawn well lit areas.

In homes placing a lamp in that dark avoided gloomy corner, will increase the appeal of that room and will eliminate any negative vibes it was giving off. When entertaining guests you should avoid high centered lights such as ceiling fans. Instead only use wall mounted or free standing light that will light and reflect off the rooms walls. This will give the room a less intimidating feeling, and your guests will be able to feel more relaxed. Have you ever noticed hotel rooms do not have over head lights? By only providing hotel guest with free standing lamps the light provides the guest with the comfortable feeling of home.

In business settings bright, centered light sets the ideal work environment. Good lighting provides employees with visually clear atmosphere, increasing their concentration and encouraging productivity. However, there is such a thing as too bright of a light so it is important to find a happy medium when trying to focus.

Places you may go for fun and entertainment such as art galleries are also known for manipulating indoor light to their advantage. Lighting can change the way people see things and as stated before feel as well. Take note to the quality of light in your home and notice where there could be improvements. For rooms with severe bright light consider installing dimmer light bulbs or switching lampshades.

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