Eclectic Lampshades Can Brighten Any Home Décor

As any great filmmaker will tell you, lighting can be used to effectively change the mood of a room. But what some fashionable decorators have discovered, lampshades can be used to alter mood as well. From muting light to provide a softer glow to simply adding a splash of color or style to your space, lampshades can add real dimension to a room, making an ordinary lamp an instant conversation piece.

Unfortunately, not all lampshades are created equal. But if you want to stir the pot, there are many types and designs of lampshades to choose from and, depending on your décor, you may be able to add something truly unique to your home today. Here are just a few options.

Fabric Lampshades: You are never going to impress or delight the senses with a treated cardboard shade from IKEA. For a truly luxurious look, you have to go with fabric lampshades. From silk to polyester, experimenting with different fabrics can add texture to your room, matching the fabric with other pieces of furniture in the room. This will add a cohesive theme to your decorating, making your lamp blend as part of the whole.

Eclectic Designs: From a New York Subway map to a British flag, people often use lampshades to express something personal about themselves. Some lampshades showcase scenes of pastoral beauty like horses or foxhunts. Others are more modern, with bright colored, modern prints. Using a lampshade to express personal style can help add a bit of yourself to your décor.

Vintage Lampshades: Lampshades have been around throughout history. From the Old West through the prohibition era, lampshade designs have changed dramatically. There are boxy floor lamp shades reminiscent of the sixties Post Modern era, pendant shades that look more like they came out of an old saloon or even grand, wide shades denoting turn-of-the-century luxury. If you are looking to hearken back to a bygone era with your home décor, the lampshade is a great place to start.

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