Different Types of Lighting for Different Dining Environments

From fast food chains to the most romantic hot spots, lighting can have a major effect on a customers experience in a restaurant. Lighting effects our moods, and our appetites so it is imperative to know exactly how to create the perfect lighting for your desired atmosphere.

Fast food restaurants are fast paced and invigorating environments. These establishments typically have bright and direct lighting to keep the feel of an effective and energized atmosphere. Direct lighting is best achieved by overhead lighting. Lighting that shines down on customers provides the best lighting and keep those customers vibrant. It is best to hang lighting only a few inches from the ceiling. If the lights are hung to low they can create dark shadows on the ceiling and eliminate the direct lighting concept altogether.

For restaurants that want to create a romantic feel for dining couples dim lighting is ideal. The goal to achieve the best romantic lighting is to display enough light so couples can see each other and the menu without straining their eyes, but not so much light where they feel they have no privacy. A great way to create the best light is to use minimum over the head lighting fixtures. Depending on how large the space is will depend on how many lighting fixtures you will need. Chandeliers not only have dimming abilities and produce fantastic light, but that also look lovely. Having on e or two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling will create enough visual light for your customers. At each table have a small lamb or burning candle to add in that romantic feel.

Family restaurants want to have a balance of both direct and indirect light. It should the goal of family restaurant designers to create enough light where everyone can see clearly around them, but to also keep it low enough where everyone feels comfortable and won’t want to rush through their meal. Overhead and table lighting are the best ways to achieve this. Having a large overhead lamp at each table will provide each family with plenty of light visually. Installing dim track lighting in the ceiling will give the entire place enough light to view exits, restrooms, and clearly marked path for waiter and waitress to maneuver during busy shifts.

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