How to Clean Lampshades

Cleaning lampshades is not an easy task but, if done properly, it will improve the appearance, allow for maximum light, and will prolong the life of the shade.

To ensure that you are cleaning your lampshades correctly, read the step by step tips below…

Tip 1: Clean all your lampshades at once. This way you will not have to track which ones you cleaned when, you can just set a time each month to clean them together.

Tip 2: Switch off the power and remove the shades from their fixture. Once removed, you may turn the lights back on so you can see clearly while you clean.

Tip 3: Lay the lampshades on a table or counter that has been covered by a sheet or drop cloth.

Tip 4: Group similar materials together since the cleaning method depends on the type of shade.

Tip 5: For paper and fabric lampshades, use a soft bristled brush (suggested is a large headed artist brush) and brush clean from the top sections downward with a long sweeping movement.

Tip 6: Never use water or liquid for paper and fabric lampshades. It will stain the material even when dry.

Tip 7: If the lampshades have detailed trimming, beading, or fringing, blow dust away using a hair dryer on the cool setting.

Tip 8: For glass, ceramic, and plastic lampshades, dust regularly with a soft, lint free cloth.

Tip 9: For occasional deep cleaning of glass, plastic, and ceramic shades, wash using a damp soapy cloth, wipe soap residue away with a clear damp cloth, and finish the process by wiping with a soft dry cloth to prevent smearing.

Tip 10: Be sure to wipe down fixtures and light bulbs before returning the shades to their floor or table lamps. This will give an all around bright and clean feel to the room.

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