Buy Quality and Trendy Lampshades for Your Lighting

Lampshades are a curious detail when it comes to accessorizing and decorating a room. They aren't the first things you think of when it comes to interior design, but the right lampshades can play a big role in the décor of a room.

Depending on what type of lampshade you select, you can completely change the look of an old lamp and create a piece that is both functional and beautifully decorative. In design, proportions change from one period to another. Currently, the trendy look is a long thin shade on top of a slender lamp, or a square lampshade over any type of lamp, especially floor lamps. Lampshades can help you update the look of an otherwise perfectly nice lamp.

Lampshades create a new look on table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lamps. Select a shape that accentuates the look and updates the lamp or imitates a look of bygone times. Dress the lamp with fabric shades in bell, coolie, empire, drum or square cut corners, or trimmed with braid for the perfect finish. If you want durability, a hardback shade is made in the same shapes as the fabric shades, so there's much variety from which to choose. Hardbacks are great shades that can be used without a harp or finial.

Custom designed lampshades can also be created to match fabric headboards in a bedroom or Roman shades on the windows. Or, they can be created in a complementary fabric. Not only can the fabric on the shade be designed to meet a specific need, the shape can also be designed to meet certain specifications. Bottom edges of the lampshade could be scalloped, have octagonal bottoms, fancy square bottoms, and more. The round top is contrasted next to the shaped bottom for a really unique and interesting lampshade that complements any number of lamps from bold broad squat bodies to long slender cylindrical bodies. To decide what shapes work best, pair the lampshade with the body and see if the proportions look right.

You can stay up-to-date by selecting the shapes that are trendy today, but the type of lampshade that is chosen is also based on the style and decor of the room as well as the proportions of the lamp when the shade is added. The important thing to remember is not to overlook lampshades as a functional and fashionable decorating tool!

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