Services 4

  • Two Tier Custom Drum Shades

    Two Tier Custom Drum Shades

    Up close you can see the construction of the two tier custom drum shades. This restaurant chose two complementary fabrics bound...


  • Aged Plumbing Pipes

    Aged Plumbing Pipes

    Aged plumbing pipes were fitted together with upright sockets.This helps to give off a custom industrial feel....


  • Amber Drum Pendants

    Amber Drum Pendants

    Large amber drum pendants in the forefront, red pendants over the booths and wall mounted table lamps with shades. All...


  • Antique Bronze Sockets

    Antique Bronze Sockets

    Antique bronze sockets with cloth covered cord finished with a vintage bulb drop from the ceiling. Even though randomly spaced and...


  • Arizona Ice Tea

    Arizona Ice Tea

    Vince Conte Jr. president of Jovin stands in front of large custom pendants made for Arizona Ice Tea corporate office...


  • Art Glass Pendants

    Art Glass Pendants

    Although still in construction phase, this photo shows the pop of color used on art glass pendants to draw customers walking...


  • Ball Table & Floor Lamps

    Ball Table & Floor Lamps

    Ball table and floor lamps available in bronze and brushed nickel....


  • Black Drum Pendant

    Black Drum Pendant

    To not compete with the main Crystal Chandeliers a massive black drum pendant was made to provide a dramatic look at...


  • Chef’s Room Chandalier

    Chef’s Room Chandalier

    Through this open window you can see the use of a simple but substantial chandelier that adds to an already beautiful...


  • Contemporary Drum Pendants

    Contemporary Drum Pendants

    Various sized contemporary drum pendants grouped together and close to the ceiling provide unique, and custom general lighting....


  • Coordinating Stick Lamps

    Coordinating Stick Lamps

    Brush nickel stick lamp with white or red illusion film shade....


  • Coordinating Table & Floor Lamps

    Coordinating Table & Floor Lamps

    Coordinating table and floor lamps finished in brushed nickel....